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Partying K-pop Style

June 24, 2013 lizette 2

If you want to party K-pop style, you will need to understand what makes the Korean popular culture click with the rest of the world!

how to look great in your debut party outfit

Celebrating in Style: Looking Great in your Dream Debut Outfit

June 7, 2012 lizette 0

When your special day arrives, the most important thing becomes how confident you feel and how beautiful you look. Party planning can give you a lot of stress, which can show on your face and the way you carry yourself. Here are a few tips on how you can look fabulous on your dream 18th birthday party!

sweet sixteen tradition

The Sweet Sixteen Tradition

April 21, 2012 lizette 2

Sweet Sixteen remains to be a popular tradition especially in the United States and Canada for celebrating the coming of age of a young woman. This is the time when girls are expected to leave their toys behind and welcome the world in a more mature perspective. As a famous saying goes: “Sweet 16 is the moment of truth, when girls mature from their childish youths”.

Valentine-themed debut party

The “Love” Debut

February 14, 2012 lizette 2

It’s the “love month” once again and wouldn’t it be nice to embrace it and have a Valentine’s day themed 18th birthday celebration? The Valentine’s Day Theme is a wide territory to explore. Let Debut Ideas help you get on with it by reading our suggestions!

Dresses for Every Body Type

October 17, 2011 lizette 1

Sometimes, no matter how perfect the dress fits, it will still look awkward or unflattering if it does not match your body type well. Let this guide help you know what to look for in a debut outfit to make you look your best on your very special day.

Circus themed birthday party

The Circus is in Town!

November 28, 2010 lizette 15

Just because you are turning 18 doesn’t mean you have to scrap the clown idea from your birthday party. Clowns and magic tricks are not just made for 8-year-olds, so why not bring the spirit of the Carnival into your debut party?

zen stones

The Beauty and Simplicity of Zen: Planning a zen-inspired debut

October 25, 2010 lizette 20

Debut parties don’t have to be grand to be memorable, and we want to prove that by giving you an idea how to make the most of simplicity. Zen is a Japanese derivative and a school of Buddhism that teaches us simplicity of life. By applying its philosophy to our celebrations, we begin to realize and see the more important things

casino themed party

A Casino Night 18th Birthday Party

September 29, 2010 lizette 10

If you and your friends love dressing up, this is a great theme for you! Casinos always prefer their guests to dress to impress which should also be the case for your Casino-themed 18th birthday party. Have your guests come in their best formal attire that’s fit for a glamorous night out in town!